Impulsive celerity

This album is my first one of Electronic songs. One thing that I have always loved in electronic music is when I can feel myself flying in the air or in space.

Impulsive Celerity album picture

Lights in the night

That feeling of listening music while driving in my car makes me so free that I wanted to share it. This is what I wanted to express in the first song of this album: driving by night with the lights coming into the car. I wanted to close my eyes and feel the buildings scroll, feel the lights passing around me.

I hope that you will feel them as well !

Through the stars

In the second song « Through the stars », I wanted this car drive to become a journey to the sky and until the infinite space. I wanted to feel the speed, then the gravity while flying off, and finally the freedom of being in a zero gravity environment.

New songs description incoming soon ! 😉